Back in the game! Side projects – new idea for this blog.

Hi! I am starting to write this blog regularly. It is a kind of challenge. I have got a mini revolution in my life. Two months ago my beautiful daughter has been born. I have got no free time at all. To be honest I have never been writing this blog regularly. Now it will be even more difficult. However today I know what I would like to write about. It is good first step. Continue Reading

Google Analytics – Exclude internal traffic with dynamic IP address – Super easy way

Excluding internal traffic is one of the first activities you should do after connecting Google Analytics on your website. It is very easy when you have permanent IP address (Google Analytics Help). However it does not work when your Internet connection get IP address dynamically or you visit website from many different places. You do not need to worry. I will share with you two solutions that let you make dynamic-IP-proof filter for your internal traffic.

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CSV of German Credit Data (Statlog)

Hi! How are you? I am enjoying beautiful sunny spring morning. Couple days ago I was looking for well-known dataset – german credit. It is a good starter for practicing credit risk scoring. Unfourtuanetly I have found only original file in .data format without column names. I have prepared CSV and R file to quick use and I decided to share it with you and hopefully save you couple minutes of your time.

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DataVis Berlin Meetup

Hi! I’ve spent few days in Berlin. I think that this city may be considered as European startup Mekka. I was visiting Berlin for touristic reason but when I saw this meeting on I decided to take a part in it. There were 6 presentations and I would like to share with you some interesting thoughts I’ve heard.

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