About me

Hi! It’s nice to see you at my blog. My name is Adrian Gasinski. This year I will have my 30th birthday. Although I have got little leisure time I decided to regularly write this blog.

About datahacking.tech

This is a blog about side projects. I am inspired by stories like this one and many of these. I am going to build my own mini projects. It will be good opportunity to learn new skills. I used to be course-zobmie. I have taken part in several MOOC courses. I spent much time doing assignments and watching lectures. However I have learned many things, today I think that the best way to gain new skills is to “learn by doing”. Therefore after my nine to five job I will try to work on side projects.

What kind of projects?

We will see… There is only one requirement. Every project should be related to my interests.

My interests

I am interested in following topics:

  • Data analysis (especially machine learning)
  • Programming (R, Python, .NET, SQL)
  • Digital entrepreneurship (online business model, digital marketing)


Feel invited to follow my progress. I hope that you will find interesting some of the topics I will write about. If you would like to contact me, use messenger widget. It should be somewhere nearby the bottom right corner of your screen.