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CSV of German Credit Data (Statlog)

Hi! How are you? I am enjoying beautiful sunny spring morning. Couple days ago I was looking for well-known dataset – german credit. It is a good starter for practicing credit risk scoring. Unfourtuanetly I have found only original file in .data format without column names. I have prepared CSV and R file to quick use and I decided to share it with you and hopefully save you couple minutes of your time.

Here is a link to original file in UCI Machine Learning Repository (link).

And here you can find ready to use:

If you would like to take a look at code I’ve used to prepare those files here is a link to github repository.

You can also download it directly to your R data frame.

df <- read.csv('')

I hope it was helpful!
Bye, bye!

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  1. Thank you so much Adrian. It saved lot of my time and get good idea to work with credit card fraud detection.