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Google Analytics – Exclude internal traffic with dynamic IP address – Super easy way

Excluding internal traffic is one of the first activities you should do after connecting Google Analytics on your website. It is very easy when you have permanent IP address (Google Analytics Help). However it does not work when your Internet connection get IP address dynamically or you visit website from many different places. You do not need to worry. I will share with you two solutions that let you make dynamic-IP-proof filter for your internal traffic.

Super easy way (5 minutes)

The super easy way is just starting using plugin to your browser that will block Google Analytics tracking code on specified websites.

For example you can use “Block yourself from Analytics” plugin to Google Chrome. All you have to do is:

  1. Install it (here is a link to Chrome Web Store)
  2. Go to your website
  3. Find an icon in top right corner of your browser – click on it and choose ‘Block Analytics for this website’ block_from_analytics_icon
  4. Make sure that you have add both addresses of your website – with and without ‘www’.


It should not take you more than 5 minutes and it is just what you want when you use Google Chrome and only few computers to visit your website.


A little more harder way. (5 minutes – requires editing code)

If you do not like browser plugins you can use special prepared cookie or use HTML5 local storage to stop invoking Google Analytics code for your visits. I prefer second options because you do not have to worry about cleaning you browser data. This approach was proposed and well described by Mathieu Decaffmeyer on his blog.

It should neither take you more than 5 minutes but it requires editing code of your website.



I hope you find any of described solutions helpful. Excluding internal traffic is important for gathering non-biased data.


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